The facilities

The environment we create within our gyms is the key to your success.  You’ll surround yourself with positive energy and like minded people who are wanting to live the fitness lifestyle by working hard in their training sessions and committing to our programming.

Q. Alright, we get it, you’re not the average gym; so what type of equipment do you have?
A. We have a variety of functional and unconventional equipment such as kettlebells, power racks,  ropes, boxing bags, olympic rings, jump ropes, dumbbells, Concept 2 rowers, barbells and bumper plates, sledgehammers, tractor tires, sleds, and more!  Everything you need to get into the best shape is within our gym walls!

Q. I have kids, is there anyone there to watch them?
A. Most gyms do not have any type of child care but please inquire with us before.

Q. Do you have a shower?
A. Yes most of our gyms are equipped with separate dressing rooms and showers, for men and women.

Q. What’s the atmosphere in your gym like?
A. While we promote training with an intense attitude, we and our members welcome you with open arms.  You’ll find varieties of different people within our gym walls.  The last ting you should think is that you’re not welcome.  If you are wanting to work hard, have a positive attitude and want to have fun while training, you’ll fit right in.  However, if you’re lazy, a cry baby, have a negative mindset, you will NOT fit in.